Length 145 ft. (44.2m)
Beam 26 ft. (7.8m)
Heigth 98 ft. (30m)
Draft 11 ft (3.4m)
Sail Area 7000 sq. ft.
Speed 8 knots
Crew 13
Voyage Crew 22
Day Charter 92

7 Twin Cabins

2 Quad Cabins

Rig Brigantine
Year Built 1949
Flag British
Aux Engine

B&W Alpha

240hp Diesel


Tenders (3)

w/ outboards




Kayaks 2
Windsurfer Yes, 1
TV Yes
CD Yes
Stereo Yes



Captain Tony Davies

and the rest of his crew




To reserve


(800) 414-9004










Contact: sail@tahitiyachts.com - (800) 414-9004






Season 2004

Voyage Crew




22 7 Twin, 2 Quad 13 Below
Voyage Destination Nights Voyage Type Dates(2004) US $
V198 Auckland to Easter Island 34 Ocean Sailing Monday Feb 23 to Sat, March 27 $2999
V199 Easter Island to Tahiti 49 Ocean Sailing Friday April 2 to Friday May 21 $5880
V200 Tahiti and the Society Islands 11 Island Cruising Sunday June 6 to Thursday June 17 $1650
V201 Tahiti and the Cook Islands 17 Combination Monday June 21 to Thursday July 8 $2550
V202 Cook Islands to Tonga 16 Combination Monday July 12 to Thursday July 29 $2400
V203 Tonga to Fiji 17 Island Cruising Monday Aug 2 to Thursday Aug 19 $2550
V204 Fiji to Vanuatu 17 Island Cruising Monday August 23 to Thur Sept 9 $2550
V205 Vanuatu Banks Islands 10 Island Cruising Monday Sept 13 to Thurs Sept 23 $1500
V206 Vanuatu Discovery 10 Island Cruising Monday Sept 27 to Thurs Oct 7 $1500
V207 Vanuatu to New Caledonia 10 Combination Monday Oct 18 to Thu Oct 28 $1500
V208 New Caledonia to Auckland 19 Ocean Sailing Monday Nov 1st to Sat Nov 20 $1900
Note: Rates are in US Dollars Click here for the Charter Planner

Experience Tahiti on a classic sailing adventure!

Tall Ship Soren Larsen - adventure sailing cruises in the tropical islands of the South Pacific and New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf and the Bay of Islands.

Square rig adventure for all ages. Join the star of ‘The Onedin Line’.

We seek out the hidden Pacific - sailing the tradewinds to find the untouched beauty and undisturbed culture of the remoter islands and communities of Polynesia and Melanesia.


Evocative names of Moorea, Huahine, Bora Bora and Rarotonga conjure up a Polynesian paradise that still exists.

This voyage is dedicated to a thorough cruise of the Society Islands, allowing sufficient time to explore the passages, lagoons and bays of this famous South Sea idyll.

Starting our journey at the Tahitian capital of Papeete, we may see preparations for the annual Heiva I Tahiti festival, the largest of all yearly celebrations in Tahiti, held each June and July.

From Papeete we will sail the short 10 mile passage across the Sea of the Moon to the outlying island of Moorea. Staying overnight in beautiful Cooks' Bay beneath the volcanic peak of Mt Rotui this will be our first taste of the stunning lagoons and anchorages of the Society Islands.

Sailing north west downwind from Moorea we leave the Windward isles and reach the Leeward isles about 90 miles away. This should take us around 24 hours and we first enter the reef-protected islands at Huahine. Of all the islands that are frequented by travelers, this is the least affected from such contact.

Adjacent to Huahine is Raiatea. For the Polynesian Maohi, ancestors of today's Tahitians, Raiatea was known as Sacred "Havai'i", and was the centre of royalty, religion, culture and history. It is also the home of the ancient Polynesian navigators whose sailing ‘waka’ once traversed the Pacific. There are several passes through the lagoon, which also encompasses the neighboring island of Taha’a.


At the shallow anchorage at Taha’a one can occasionally smell the aroma of vanilla grown in plantations here. Locals lead a simple, tranquil life of farming or fishing and outside influences on the island are minimal.



Navigating out of a pass in the reef we sail across open water to Bora Bora, the most famous of the Leeward islands. The spectacular pass at Vaitape is the only entrance through the barrier reef surrounding the island's lagoon. We will certainly spend a couple of nights here, enjoying the hospitality of Bora Bora Yacht Club, hiring bicycles to explore the island or snorkeling in the lagoon. Bora Bora is the most widely known of the outer Society islands and is more developed for high-end tourism than the less visited islands of our itinerary and its reputation is fully deserved.



We shall gradually work our way back through the island chain, visiting different anchorages and bays to take walks to explore inland. We aim to spend more time back at Moorea before completing the voyage back at Papeete The exact itinerary and time spent at each place will be decided by the Master and determined by the sailing conditions. A Captain's briefing is held each morning to view charts and discuss plans to the day, but note this trip has been planned to fully explore the Societies at relaxing pace.

On arriving onboard you will be shown your berths, introduced to the crew, and signed on Ship's Articles as Voyage Crew members. Much of the morning will be spent introducing you to the ship and explaining the various routines, safety procedures and equipment and how the watch system works.

Our sailing passage between anchorages may involve some motoring but also some quite intense sail handling. However this allows those who would rather relish the amazing scenery to stand back and let the keener sailors get involved in handling the ship under sail. Everyone is involved in the duty watch system as Voyage Crew which will operate while we are under way and you may have your turn at the helm, on bow lookout or helping trim sail or help tack ship.

Going aloft is a unique experience but is not compulsory and everyone can decide when or if they’d like to. People of all ages join us and many have never sailed before - previous experience is certainly not necessary. There are 13 permanent crew who maintain and sail the ship who are there to assist and help you enjoy your time aboard. Once we drop anchor the deck watch is undertaken by the permanent crew and you the Voyage Crew are free to explore ashore.







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