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Meet the Soren Larsen
permanent crew of 2004


Captain Tony Davies - Master and Commander ...
Owner of Soren Larsen, he has been restoring and sailing this ship around the world for the last 25 years. He and Fleur settled in New Zealand with the ship in 1990 and has been at the fore front of adventure voyaging and the training of tallship crews.
            First Mate - Barry
Professional seaman from Shetland, he returns to Soren having sailed from Britain to NZ with us in 2001 crew. As Mate he runs the deck, the crew and watch keeping bill - yet remains curiously unflappable

2nd Mate - Alan.
From Australia, has sailed with the ship over several previous seasons. Being a trained vet he is also ship's medical officer .. remember that if he wants to take your temperature..

          Engineer - Gavin
Another old hand, he sailed with us to South island and the Pacific previously. As well as a wealth of engineering experience he brings Kiwi charm and mature good looks to the crew (so he says).

Noreen, from Canada, carries on as dyamo Cook from last season. She also writes for ship's online Voyage Log - see her stunning photography with the ship's Fujipix in the 'previous Logs' section.


Stacey (above right), from West Australia one of our two cooks this year and has sailed on sailtraining ships in OZ.

            Purser Elaine & Deckhand Sarah (left)
Elaine from Ireland has crewed on sailtraining ships in Eire and the UK and is picture of charm and efficiency.

Sarah from the States has crewed on several tallships on the East and West Coasts including Picton Castle and joins Soren for the first time.

James, from Canada, joins Soren for his first season with us and, as it happens, is Noreen's brother.
            Peter - Deckhand
From USA, widely traveled and has sailed in the States and Great Lakes and New Zealand. This is his first season with Soren.
Nick - Deckhand - from east coast New Zealand. As well as being on deck and in the rig he's also ship's carpenter.
Tall enough to make the All Black's lineout - he's the man to help you over the futtocks..
      Bosun - Paul
From England, has sailed in the Pacific and Europe with the Tucker Thompson and Kaskalot . Is in charge of the ship's rig as bosun and can doubtless impress with a variety of obscure knots.

Deckhand - Jason
From Lunenburg, Canada, he has sailed on the East Coast with the schooners there but this is his first voyaging in the Southern Hemisphere but this Nova Scotia viking has already discovered Speights...

        Deckhand - Chris.
from the UK, with an IT background that seems applicable aloft, he has joined for part of the NZ season.

This page gives new voyage crew an distinct advantage in learning names and faces on joining day.

Soren Larsen is widely known for being a special ship - because she has a special and talented crew.

We know you'll enjoy sailing with them.


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