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Meet David and Tamara aboard the cat 'Tamara'


Skipper David Levrel


Born on April 22, 1969, Speaks fluent English



David is a native of Brittany (the westernmost part of France). Since he was a child, he sailed the Atlantic and as a student managed to combine his passion for the sea with literary studies.

Ten years of charter activities in the Caribbean and many on-sail crossings of the Atlantic gave him an enviable experience as a charter boat skipper. He moved to French Polynesia in 1997 and rapidly won recognition from the various local sailboat renting companies as a competent skipper.

He knows what his sailboat "Tamara” is really like, after two years spent handling it since 1999. Davis is a keen surfer and spearfisher as well, and has thus gained a great deal of familiarity with the lagoon areas in the Leeward Islands.

A very sociable person, rigorous in his work, David is always determined to provide his passengers with an impeccable service.


Chef-Hostess: Julia Mamai


French citizen, born in 1981, Speaks Tahitian, basic English



Julia, David's girlfriend, is a charming “vahine”, initially trained into hotel work. She epitomizes the natural Polynesian sweetness that is felt at all times.

After completing further hotel training in 1999 within the Company, she now takes full responsibility for her job and the quality and variety of her ever colorful menus is just enchanting.

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