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Skipper Didier Alphen

Born on September 11, 1949, Speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Didier, or " Matahiapo " (meaning the "wise man" in Tahitian), is the veteran in the Company. In 2000, after much sailing and traveling, he chose Tahiti and its outer islands as his next stop.

His prior experience was in the Carribean and South America and now the lagoons of French Polynesia, a fit place to keep living his passion for the sea and nature.

In addition to his extensive sea and hotel trade experience and after completing some ten years in large catamaran chartering, Didier enjoys creating a congenial atmosphere while taking great care that guest privacy be maintained. He is also a captivating botanist and a fly fishing expert.

Along with Pauline, they have formed an excellent couple of professionals for 7 years.

Chef-Hostess Pauline Barbat

Born on June 29, 1963, Speaks fluent Spanish, basic English.

Pauline enjoys traveling as much as Didier does and also went through extensive training before engaging in actual work. In particular, she was a chef-hostess for a number of years on a fine 25-meter private schooner in the Mediterranean.

In addition to her skills in hospitality, Pauline is also an experienced team mate, with the same ability as Didier's to teach you the art of sailing and speak of distant sea voyages. Pauline swims like a fish and often takes her passengers on an underwater tour to watch manta rays or lagoon sharks.

With Didier and Pauline, a great cruise is awaiting you, with the added experience of learning from them both on the magnificent environment of French Polynesia.

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