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Meet Gilles and Noeline

aboard the cat 'Eaio'


Skipper Gilles Crespo

A French citizen, born on June 08, 1973 Speaks fluent English, italian and Spanish


Gilles is one of those professional skippers who have plied the Polynesian waters extensively for a number of years.

He was given sea education aboard a sailboat when he was a kid and the many years he devoted to sailing taught him that quality of life aboard boats was very important.

Ever-smiling Gilles is strict on maintaing privacy for his guests and two of his recognized talents are putting spirit into what he does and making his passengers happy.


Chef-Hostess Noeline Mauri

A French citizen born on May 19, 1974

Speaks fluent Tahitian and basic English


Noeline, who has made boat chartering her job since she met Gilles in 1996, was born in the Island of Tahaa in the Leeward Islands. " Noe " is not only a charming young lady, she is also specially efficient in what she does and this makes her unanimously appreciated on account of both her warm welcome, tasty and varied cuisine and the "Tahitian touch" she gives every cruise.

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