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Meet Gregory and Sophie

aboard the cat 'Orava'


Skipper Grégory Giusti

Born on May 18, 1969


Speaks fluent English and italian


------------------------------------------------------------------Greg is unquestionably the "Mediterranean man" in all of the Archipels teams. Of Italian ancestry, he was born in Nice and grew up amidst boats on the Mediterranean shores.

As he found the Polynesian life particularly appealing, he decided to join one of the boats operated by the Company early in 2000 and discovering the Tuamotu atolls and Rangiroa in particular was like a revelation to him.

Three years have gone by but he still dreams of desert islets and a Robinson Crusoe type life within the unbounded atoll.

Both determined and a dreamer, at times reserved and ever smiling, his guests feel very much at ease with him and sharing his passion for Rangiroa is natural for him.

He enjoys fishing and likes asking his guests what fish they would like to eat, just about an hour before the meal is planned.


Chef-Hostess Sophie Blanchard

Born on June 04, 1977

Speaks fluent English


Like Greg, Sophie is an unconditional Rangiroa lover. Rangiroa provides her with the atmosphere she needs to freely indulge in her almost exclusive passion: cooking.

A graduate from a famous french hôtel school, Sophie has a considerable culinary talent she loves to express for the enjoyment of her guests. And last but not least, she is also an exquisite host.

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